Generate Remita Code: How To Generate Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR)

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Do you have a payment to make using Remita? You will need to first generate Remita code called Remita Retrieval Reference RRR. The Remita code is what you will use to make Remita payment. This is a simple guide on How to generate Remita code or generate Remitta Retrieval Reference number with no hassle.

It is no longer news that since the introduction of the Treasury Single Account (TSA) by the Federal Government, all payments made to Government agencies and institutions are now done using the Remita.  Remita has become an essential part of Federal Government and State Government transactions. For now, is the only mode of payment to the Treasury Single Account (TSA).

You need to generate a Remita Code or Remita RRR to pay school fees of Federal Unity schools, FRSC charges, electricity bill, FIRS taxes, School fees of Federal and State Universities, polytechnics, Colleges of Education as well as other Billers that use the Remita platform for payment.

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The summary is that in one way or the other, you will be making one payment or the other using Remita. You cannot make a Remita payment without the Remita RRR. Therefore, we need to know how to make Remita payment. To do this, you must know how to generate Remita Code.

Generate Remita Code: How To Generate Remita Retrieval Reference

To generate Remita code or RRR to make payment through Remita online or bank, follow the steps shown below.

1: Go the Remita official website on

2: Select the kind of payment you want to make from the Remita home page. For Instance, if you want to Generate Remita code to pay a Federal Government or State agencies and institutions, click on “Pay FGN and State TSA“.

3: Select Federal Governmenment from the drop-down list show. If it is a state institution, select the state from the list.

4: Fill out the Necessary information needed on the next page. The information needed in the form include:

  • Name of MDA. Type the name of the agency or institution you are paying to here. Usually, a list or MDAs will be displayed for you to select from
  • Name of Service/Purpose. Here, what you are paying for. Example; For Practising Fees for doctors paying to MDCN.
  • Amount To Pay (₦): Type the amount you are paying here and the currency you are paying in.
  • Enter the GIFMIS code if you know it. Clue: The GIFMIS code is attached to the name of the MDA. You can proceed without the GIFMIS code anyway.
  • Payer’s Full Name: Fill in your name here.
  • Payers Email – Enter your Email address.
  • Payers Phone – Enter your phone number.
  • Type in the Security code in the space below it.
  • Once you are done with filling the form click on “Proceed to payment
  • A copy of the Remita payment form is shown below.

5: Once you click on “proceed to payment” your RRR or Remita payment code is displayed on the next page.

6: You have been able to successfully generate Remita Code or generate Remita Retrieval Reference RRR. You can copy the code or print the Remita RRR invoice and go to any commercial bank to make payment or you can pay online from the options on the Remita payment invoice.

I hope that our guide above on how to generate Remita code was clear enough. You can now go ahead and generate your Remita payment code or Generate Remitta code for payments.

How to Make Remita Payment  – Remita Payment Methods

Generating Remita retrieval Reference, RRR is different from making Remita payment. It is only the first step while making Remita payment. Once you generate Remita code, you can go ahead to make your payment through any of the Remita payment methods below:

1. Pay Now with Internet Banking

The Remita internet banking payment option only supports banks that have internet banking services. The icons of the banks that are supported are displayed under the “Pay now with internet banking” tab. Click on any one of your choice banks you are banking with and proceed to payment.

2. Pay at a Bank Branch

For those who want to pay at any bank branch, all you simply need to do is to print the transaction receipt or copy the Remita code or RRR code. Take it to your bank and pay the required amount there.

3. Pay Now with Cards or Wallets

Personally, this is usually my prefered option.Just click on the card of your choice e.g. Nigerian cards: MasterCard, Visa, Verve or International Card: MasterCard, Visa. You can also pay via e-Wallet services such as PocketMONI etc.

When you have successfully done your payment, you can then download the payment receipt for other subsequent accreditation.

4. Pay with Remita Mobile app 

This option is for those that have the Remita mobile app installed on their phones, tablets or iPad.

5: Pay With Remita.

This option is only available for those that have registered officially on Remitta.

I how this our article on how to generate Remita code was helpful. If you still have questions about Remita payment or how to generate Remita RRR, feel free to ask us using the comment box below.