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Looking for a site to download Hollywood and Bollywood movies? www.FzMovies.net is the best name that comes to mind when you think of the best place to get your hands on the best of Bollywood and Hollywood. In FzMovies you will download the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies in HD for Free.

Hey guys! Have you been looking for a website that can let you download High-quality blockbuster Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free?  Undoubtedly I do not think that there is a better place than www.fzmovies.net. In this article, I will tell you all you should know about www.FzMovies.net. It is a complete review of FzMovies.net and how to enjoy using the site.

FzMovies.net is a hub for millions of people that want to download Bollywood, Hollywood, Dubbed Hollywood high-quality HD movies for mobiles, iPhone, iPads, tabs, notes, and PCs in 3gp and mp4 format. Apart from being able to download the movies on your device, you can also stream movies online if you do not want to save it on your mobile and PC. You need to visit FzMovies.net to understand what I’m talking about.


FzMovies is a website that gives users the opportunity to download both Hollywood and Bollywood movies completely free. The site is very safe and surely offers what you would love to get from a premium site. Though FzMovies is a free download site it offers some of the best features you can ask off when you are looking for a premium movie site not to talk of a freemium site. The movies on FzMovies.net are available in various qualities making them available for every device.

The site also offers users the opportunity to request for movies via their Facebook channel. They will send you the movies as soon as it is available to them. You can request for one movie every day. I have outlined how to request a movie later in this article.

Apart from the main site where you can download free movies, FzMovies.ne has an extension called FzMovies Series where you have all Tv series available for free to download.


Do I need to Register before Using FzMovies.net?

In FzMovies.net free movies download site, you do not need to create an account or fill long registrations forms before you can use the site. So in answer to your question, you do not need any profile to download movies from FzMovies.net. All you need is an internet connection and enough space on your device and you are good to go.

Is FzMovies Site Safe?

After all the background check I personally carried out on the FzMovies site for over 5 years that I have made use of this site, I have found no bugs at all. All the movies downloaded from FzMovies.net website are safe. This is not something you can easily get from other free movies download site these days.

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How To Download Movies From FzMovies.net

Downloading movies from FzMovies is very simple as you will see below. There are two basic ways you can download movies from FzMovies site and they are:

1: Via FzMovies Search

2: via FzMovies Categories

How to Download Movies from FzMovies.net via FzMovies Search

Steps to download Movies from FzMovies Site via Search

1: Head to the FzMovies Official Website on www.fzmovies.net.

2: You will see the popular FzMovies Search bar looking right at you. Below the search bar, you will see three options for you to choose from. Beside each option is a small box; thick the box to select whether you want to search by Movie name, Director or Starcast as shown in the photograph below.


3: Type the name of the movie, name of the movie director or the starcast of the movie you intend to download and tap on search. The movie will pop up. Now, depending on what you used to search, you can have just one movie if you used name alone. You can have a list of movies when you go by the movie director or starcast.

4:  Next, click on the movie and a short preview of the movie will be displayed to you on the next page.

5: Select the movie format you want to download your movie in. eg: 3GP, MP4 or High MP4. This will depend on the type of device you are using. The 3gp format is for basic and medium-end phones like java or Symbian while MP4 and high MP4 format are for high-end smartphones and High MP4 (HD quality) for tablets and PC.

6: Tap on “CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS MOVIE ON YOUR DEVICE.” You can also choose to stream the movies online by choosing the second option.

7: Click on any of the 5 download links (servers) displayed to you and wait patiently to complete movie download.

8: Open your movie and enjoy!

That is all with how to download movies from FzMovies.net via Search. Up next, I will be guiding you on how to download movies via FzMovies.net categories.

How to Download FzMovies.net Movies via Categories

The two broad categories of Movies in FzMovies site are Hollywood and Bollywood. After this section, we will give you all the details of Fzmoviez categories.

FzMovies Hollywood: How to Download FzMovies Hollywood Movies

1: From your browser, head to the official website on www.fzmovies.net.

2: Scroll down to Hollywood category.

3: Select the movie you want. You can locate it easier via Hollywood movies subcategories like release date, latest updated etc.

4: Click on the movie to see a brief preview.

5: Select the format you want to download by clicking on the link eg: 3GP, MP4 or High MP4. Recommended:- 3gp and Mp4 format for basic and medium end phones and High Mp4 format (equivalent to MKV) for high-end Mobiles, tablets, iPads.


7: Then Follow any of the download links and wait for your download to complete.

That was simple right? Now, we will look at FzMoviesnet Bollywood movies.


FzMovies Bollywood: How To download Bollywood Movies from FzMovies.net

1: Go to the FzMovies official website on www.fzmovies.net.

2: Scroll down to the Bollywood category.

3: Select the movie you want. You can be lucky to see a movie you like right at the homepage. If you didn’t get one you like at the homepage, use Bollywood movies subcategories like release date, latest updated, by Alpha etc. And from the list,…

4: Click on the movie to see a brief preview of your movie.

5: Select the format you want to download your movie in by clicking on the link eg: 3GP, MP4 or High MP4. Recommended:- 3gp and Mp4 format for basic and medium end phones and High Mp4 format (equivalent to MKV) for high-end Mobiles, tablets, iPads.


7: Then choose any of the download links (Servers) and wait patiently for your download to complete

FzMovies.net Movies Categories

One of the good features of FzMovies site is that the movies are arranged in categories. This is to make it easy for you to locate what you desire. The two main FzMovies categories are; Hollywood and Bollywood. They are further subdivided into sub-categories. We have listed the various sub-categories of FzMovies.net below.

Hollywood Movies Sub-Categories

IMDB Top 250 movies: The contains all the IMDB rated movies.

Latest Updated: Contains all the Latest FzMovies Hollywood movies updated into a new quality. Eg. CAMRip, Bluray, HDRip, WEB-DL, DVDRip, PDVDRip etc.

By Release Date: This FzMovies list contains all the latest released Hollywood movies. This contains the smoking hot latest Hollywood movies added to the FzMovies list.

By Alpha

Most Downloaded

Bollywood Movies Sub-Categories

♦Filmfare Awarded Movies

♦Latest Updated

♦By Alpha

♦Most Downloaded

♦By Release date

FzMovies.net Subtitles: How to Download FzMovies in Subtitles

From our previous article on FzMovies, a lot of our readers have been asking me how to download Subtitles of the movies in Fz. Here, I will give you a full guide how to download subtitles from FzMovies.net. To download subtitles;

⇒1: Click on the Subtitles link which is just below the high mp4 link of the movie you’re downloading.


⇒2: Check the quality of the movie you want to download(i.e. Whether are downloading in DVDRip or BluRay)

⇒3: Copy the text given in the text field below it.

www.fzmovies.net 2018

⇒4: Paste the text you copied in the Google search bar given just above the two text fields and click on search.

⇒5: Now you can see the search result and now you have to select an appropriate link for subtitles. There are many sites for subtitles and they are independent of FzMovies.

⇒6: Find the download link for the subtitles you want. Follow the link to save movies in your desired subtitles.


How To Request For Movies On FzMovies.net

Recently, FzMovies moved their movie request channel to Facebook. To Request for a movie from FzMoviez:
Send your movie request in a message to this page: https://m.me/movierequest
The request should be in the format given below:
Movie Name:


  • Only request one movie per day.
  • Previously requested movie through the website will be uploaded by next week.
  • Request only Hollywood(English) or Bollywood(Hindi) Movies.
  • No dubbed movie requests.
  • Do not request a movie which was released in previous 4 months.
  • Do not request movies already in the database. Not even for a new quality. (Eg: Black Panther, Pacific Rim)
  • Submit a proper and complete IMDb link.

FzTvseries: How to Download FzMovies Series

FzMovies series lets you download your favourite TV series, Cartoons, and animations for free. Just like the FzMovies.net, FzMovies series boasts of the best TV shows, Cartoons, and animations.

The FzMovies series site is: www.mobiletvshows.net

To download TV Shows from FzMovies Series:

1⇒ Enter the site via FzMovies or just visit the site directly from your browser on www.mobiletvshows.net.

2⇒ To enter FzMovies Series via FzMovies.net, simply tap on the link that says:  MobileTVshows – TV shows/cartoons for mobiles in avi and mp4….http://www.mobiletvshows.net on the site.

3⇒ Search for the TV series you want to download. The TVshows are arranged by their names from A-Z.

4⇒ Click on the TV show, select the season and episode then follow the download link to complete your download.

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Some Features of FzMovies.net

Some of the features of FzMovies.net website you should know are:

  1. Fzmovies.net is completely free.
  2. No registration is required to download movies from FzMovies.net.
  3. Easy to use with very easy navigation.
  4. All movies are arranged in categories.
  5. Availability of movie requests.
  6. Links to subtitles of movies. If you want to download subtitles, follow the guide above. Now, this is not something you get easily from just any movie download website.
  7. Daily updated to ensure that you miss nothing.
  8. The Search tab from where you can easily search for the exact movie you want to download without going through the categories.
  9. Supports all devices – Mobile, Tabs and PCs.
  10. The movies come in different qualities or formats. The come in formats ranging from 3GP, MP4, HD. Recommended:- 3gp and Mp4 format for basic and medium end phones and High Mp4 format (equivalent to MKV) for high-end Mobiles, tablets, iPads.
  11. Best audio quality. Fzmovies net has an audio converter that does just what it is meant to do delivering a crisp, high-quality audio in a Stereo band.


We have taken a look at FzMovies.net, how to download movies from FzMovies.net, how to download subtitles, how to request for movies, FzMovies series and so much more.

If you have any questions or concerns about FzMovies.net, use the comment box below to get to us and I will be there to answer ASAP.

Please share this article with your friends on social media using the search media icons below. They too can enjoy the goodies on offer from FzMovies.net.